Pro Buffer

pH stabilizing product for cows with rumen acidosis.

  • leveling excessive acidification: calcium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate
  • support of immunity: vitamin C, grape seed extract
  • toxin elimination: sepiolite


PRO BUFFER is an innovative product in the fight against acidosis and indigestion. Quickly restores rumen environment balance by increasing and stabilizing pH. It neutralizes lactic acid accumulated in the rumen due to the content of potassium bicarbonate. Malic acid salts contained in the product stimulate development Selenomonas ruminantium bacteria, which use lactic acid, which further reduces its rumen concentration. The polyphenols contained in the PRO BUFFER product support immunity, and aluminosilicates bind endotoxins released from dying rumen bacteria.

How to use

Administer to high-yielding cows and in the period of increased risk of acidosis, to the mouth by 100g of the product per 1l of water.

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Pro Buffer

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Pro Buffer

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