Pro- Derm Vet

Disinfectant concentrate for pre-milking udder hygiene.

  • can be used in many ways (concentrate, washing, foaming)
  • teat skin hydration: glycerin
  • extremely pleasant product smell


“PRO DERM VET is an efficient concentrate that combines excellent cleaning properties with strong antibacterial and
skin care for udders and teats. The product quickly and effectively softens dirt enabling easy removal. Regular use of PRO
DERM VET reduces the risk of udder infection while ensuring perfect hydration of the teat skin. The product is intended for pre-milking udder hygiene, regardless of the method used. It is excellent for disinfecting wipes for cleaning udders and it does not get into milk.”

How to use

Prepare a working solution before milking: cleaning using cloths or towels: 0.5% (5ml of the product dissolved in 995ml of water); spraying udders: 5% (dissolve 50ml of product in 950ml of water); foaming teats: 40%
(dissolve 400ml of product in 600ml of water). Afterusing the product and the required disinfection time, the teats should be cleaned. The biocidal effect occurs after 5 minutes.

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Pro- Derm Vet

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