Profical New Bolus 10pcs

Bolus reducing the risk of milk fever


PROFICAL NEW reduces the incidence of milk fever in cows. The bolus dissolves in the rumen and ensures that adequate calcium levels are obtained quickly. In addition, it supplements the deficiencies of phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin D3.

How to use

Prophylactically: 1-2 boluses 12-24 hours before calving, 1-2 boluses directly after calving. In case of milk fever: 1-2 boluses 10-12 hours after calving, 1-2 boluses 24 hours after calving. After calcium infusion: 1-2 boluses 2 hours after calcium infusion, next 1-2 boluses 12 hours after infusion. Administer with a suitable bolus applicator. Do not administer to an animal laying down. Start at first signs of parturition to two days subsequent to parturition. It is recommended that a nutritional experts opinion be sought before use.

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Profical New Bolus 10pcs

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Profical New Bolus 10pcs

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