ProRumen S.C.

Product that reduces the risk of acidosis.

  • sodium bicarbonate
  • improvement of digestion: magnesium sulfate, yeast
  • toxin elimination: clinoptilolite


PRORUMEN SC buffers the content of the rumen, neutralizing the acidifying effect of excessive amounts of lactic acid. The product improves the conditions for the development of microorganisms in the rumen, which leads to stabilization of fermentation. PRORUMEN SC reduces the risk of acidosis and the subsequent laminitis or intoxication bacterial endotoxins. The product also restores the acid-base balance of the blood. It is intended for cows during feeding with large amounts of concentrated feed, as well as for high-yielding cows at risk of occurrence acidosis. Especially recommended for group nutrition.

How to use

Give high-yielding cows fed on increased amounts of concentrated feeds and in the period of acidosis danger – 100g per day with a feed.

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