Respicur bolus 6pcs

Bolus for prevention of respiratory problems


RESPICUR is a bolus intended for the proper functioning of the respiratory system. The substances it contains act in two ways. Herbal extracts create unfavorable conditions for the development of microorganisms as well as facilitate the secretion of mucus and its expectoration. Vitamins and micronutrients help build the animals’ immune system, which ultimately translates into a reduction in the number of veterinary interventions and a better growth rate of calves.

How to use

Administer 1 bolus to calves over 8 days of age, using a special bolus applicator. The administration can be repeated after 30 days. It is recommended that the bolus feed be administered by a veterinarian or other authorized person.

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Respicur bolus 6pcs

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Respicur bolus 6pcs

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