Rinsept bolus 10pcs

Bolus facilitating expulsion of the placenta


RINSEPT BOLUS supports the natural process of expulsion of the placenta. The product provides minerals necessary for proper muscle contractility, and the natural plant substances contained in it support the body in inhibiting the development of uterine inflammation. By cleansing the uterus more quickly, the risk of later inflammation is reduced and there is a faster return to the reproductive cycle. Additional benefits result from prophylactic use – calving becomes lighter, thanks to which the number of veterinary interventions concerning the retained placenta, as well as the amount of intrauterine antibiotics used is reduced.

How to use

Administer 1 bolus to the cow or the heifer into the rumen, using special bolus applicator. Prophylactically: During calving, at the first sign of delivery. In high risk cows and primiparas: Immediately after calving. In cows and heifers that have not expulsed a placenta: 6-8 hours after calving. Using of other bolus supplements from other source should be avoided.

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Rinsept bolus 10pcs

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Rinsept bolus 10pcs

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