Silac Strong

Microbiological preparation fastening the process of silage production.

  • Facilitates the fermentation process
  • Reduces loses in the silage
  • High concentration of bacteria


Silac strong contains bacteria that facilitates fermentation process in both good and bad weather conditions. Selected strains, producing lactic acid, contribute to very fast decrease of pH and stabilization of silage in just a few weeks. Other strains produce acids, having negative influence on fungi and yeasts, decreasing probability of their development after opening the silage, which is very important during feeding with silage during summer time. As a result, after using Silac strong, we decrease probability of heating and spoiling of the silage. Corn grains, fermented with addition of Silac strong, can be used as a feed component for dairy and meet cows, pigs and poultry.

How to use

Pour the content of 500g package into about 50 liters of water and stir until dissolved. Durability of product is 12 hours. The solution can be used on the field, through the applicator mounted on the collecting equipment or during silage preparation by spraying the successive layers. 500g of Silac strong is enough for 50 tons of raw material. is achieved within 24 hours of dissolution.

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Silac Strong

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