Stabil Buffer

Complementary feed additive reducing the probability of acidosis.

  • Effectively stabilizes the pH of the rumen
  • The addition of fenugreek flavor has a positive effect on the feed intake
  • Rich composition creates an active buffer system


STABIL Buffer is a complex buffering agent. The natural and rich composition of the buffer prevents excessive acid production during fermentation and causes the increase of pH of the rumen. It contains a natural buffer from marine algae, feed yeast, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium compounds, that form an active buffer system, effectively stabilizing the rumen’s pH. Addition of the fenugreek flavor has a positive effect on the feed aroma.

STABIL Buffer has a stronger and longer buffering effect thanks to the carefully selected proportions of ingredients quickly buffering the rumen content (sodium bicarbonate and magnesium oxide) and slowly buffering (calcium bicarbonate from algae). The addition of yeast improves the functions of rumen and colon, limits the number of cases of acidosis and affects the improvement of fiber digestibility.

How to use

100-250 g per animal per day. Product is especially recommended for high-yielding cows. In order to reduce the risk of occurrence of rumen acidosis the farmer should remember about balancing the feed ration.

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Stabil Buffer

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Stabil Buffer

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