Toxisorb Plus

Mineral product reducing mycotoxin risk.

  • toxin elimination: clinoptilolite, carbon, clove
  • gastrointestinal mucosa sealing: cinnamon, tannins, zinc
  • improvement of digestion: yeast


TOXISORB PLUS is intended for use with feed for cows fed with feed exposed to the presence of mycotoxins. The product protects optimally digestion and supports proper cow feeding. Herbal composition contained in TOXISORB PLUS improves the protection of the gastrointestinal tract against the harmful effects of mycotoxins by protecting the gastrointestinal mucosa.

How to use

Dosage per ton of feed: Calves (from 3 weeks of age): 2,5kg. Piglets (from 4 days of age): 5kg. Fattening pigs: 3kg. Cows: 1,5kg.

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Toxisorb Plus

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Toxisorb Plus

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