Tympanic vet

Herbal product reducing the risk of flatulence.

  • effectiveness and natural composition: many years of proven action
  • reduction of gas bubble tension: vegetable oils
  • improvement of digestion: dill, cumin, ginger


TYMPANIC VET is intended for cows with increased rumen fermentation. Herbal ingredients contained in the product allow calming of fermentation processes, while vegetable oils reduce the surface tension of gas bubbles. They are more easily removed from the digestive tract. The released gas escapes during bouncing or during probing, thanks to which the volume of gastrointestinal tract content decreases. TYMPANIC VET is a composition of natural ingredients, thanks to which it is completely safe for animals.

How to use

Administer directly to the mouth as an infusion: 500g for the cow, 250g for the calf. The product works best in conjunction with probing treatment. To enhance the effect, you can give RUMEN VET after 30 minutes.

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Tympanic vet

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Tympanic vet

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