Vipover Drink VET

Postpartum energy drink.

  • supplementation of ingredients after the hardships of delivery: energy, vitamins, microelements
  • improvement of digestion: yeast and whey
  • ensuring proper functioning of the digestive tract


VIPOVER DRINK is a product for administration in the form of drink to cows immediately after calving. It accelerates the regeneration of the body by restoring the water and electrolyte balance, thanks to which it compensates for energy losses incurred during delivery. VIPOVER DRINK supplies calcium and many mineral and vitamin ingredients. Adequate rumen filling reduces the risk of abomasum dislocation.

How to use

Mix 1 kg of VIPOVER DRINK in 20 liters of warm water. Give to the cow immediately after calving.

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Vipover Drink VET

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Vipover Drink VET

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