WOW! DOGS Ear liquid 125 ml

Ear liquid 125 ml


A gentle liquid for cleaning the ear canal of animals, enriched with calendula extract and aloe. Natural active ingredients effectively remove residual earwax, while soothing irritations and providing the necessary moisturizing ingredients. Aloe, valued for its regenerative properties, combined with the soothing effect of marigold, strengthens the ear skin, ensuring its health and comfort. The ear liquid is an ideal solution to help prevent and alleviate ear inflammation.

How to use

Pour 3 to 15 drops into the ear canal, depending on the size of the animal. Massage the base of the ear for about a minute. Then allow the animal to freely shake the remaining fluid from its ears. As a preventive measure, use the liquid once a week.

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WOW! DOGS Ear liquid 125 ml

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WOW! DOGS Ear liquid 125 ml

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