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We are a European brand that offers

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Our story began in 2001. As a small production company, we had to outsource part of the work external partners. Unfortunately, we could not realize all our ideas, because the minimum order imposed by external companies often exceeded the demand for the finished product. Then we decided to invest in and expand our own machine park.

Why OVER Group?

Since the beginning, we have focused on delivering quality products to our customers. Our production plant is located in the center of Poland, in Łask. We have our own R&D and laboratory. We are open to share our knowledge and skills with external companies.

As part of a cooperation with Over Group, our clients benefit from the many years of experience of the employees of the Research and Development Department and the Quality Department of OVER Group. We also cooperate with many outside research centers in Poland. We carry out one-off and cyclical projects, and we approach each of them individually. Our offer is addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking for a partner to implement new, innovative products.

We implement the ideas of external companies, but we also offer our own solutions and products from the OVER Group brand offer. The experience and passion with which we operate guarantee our customers the highest quality of products and services.

As experts, introducing your products to the market, we offer valuable support for companies that would like to effectively reach customers with their offer. At OVER Group, we provide services in the field of production and packaging of various types of preparations on request. We specialize in several industries, including animal products and cosmetics. OVER Group guarantees that products are developed and implemented in accordance with current standards in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic area.

You can order the production of a given product based on the guidelines provided by you or commission us to produce it under contract. We offer comprehensive development of a product under the client’s brand – from preparing its recipe, through manufacturing, to appropriate packaging. Importantly, we have an experienced team of specialists and our own laboratory.

What preparations can we produce for you?

At OVER Group, we offer professional marketing of products
in packaging to companies from various industries.

The key industry in which we are active is animal preparations. We produce various products in this area, including cosmetics and animal feed supplements, composed of high-quality ingredients. We manufacture them on the basis of the recipe provided by you or execute the order according to our proposal. Most importantly, we guarantee manufacturing in GMP+ certified plants!

In order for a cosmetic product to bring success to the company, it must be effective, safe and attractively packaged. Each of these requirements is met by OVER Group – our creams, gels, balms and other preparations are based on carefully tested recipes and are made using high-quality raw materials. The final product can be packed in a bottle, tube, sachet or other type of packaging – the choice is yours.

As part of our services, we offer specialist care products and dietary supplements for animals. The production performed by OVER Group complies with the current industry standards, thanks to which you can be sure that the products we manufacture are safe and have proven effectiveness.

Various companies from the chemical industry also use our services. The products we manufacture are thoroughly tested for physicochemical properties, which is a guarantee for obtaining high-quality preparations with a set of expected features. What is particularly important in the context of chemical products, we also carry out compatibility tests of the product with the selected unit packaging. Thanks to this, it can be stated with full confidence that the components of a given mass do not have a negative impact on the packaging, and the packaging itself does not react with the content contained in it. It is worth emphasizing that cooperation with the OVER Group allows for the production and packaging of preparations in various forms – we manufacture and package both liquid and semi-liquid materials as well as loose products.

Professional development and marketing of packaged products

Many small and medium-sized companies have interesting ideas for innovative products that may generate substantial profits for them. However, very often, it turns out that the production, packaging and marketing of goods are more difficult than previously assumed. At OVER Group, we offer comprehensive support in this process, providing professional assistance at every stage of production.

What clients cooperating with us
can count on?

Development of recipes for new products

The composition of a preparation and how it is produced determine its later value. In OVER Group, we have qualified staff with the appropriate knowledge and experience necessary to develop an effective and safe product that meets the designated physicochemical standards. We approach each order individually and with full commitment, strictly following the needs of our clients. As part of our services, we also create products based on recipes provided to us by you. We are not afraid of challenges and we are willing to undertake innovative projects!

Thorough testing and research on the products we create

We make sure that the prepared product meets your expectations, which is why all the developed recipes are subjected to a series of tests. As an entity introducing products in selected packaging, we conduct compatibility tests of the preparation with the container in which it is to be sold. Another important stage is stability testing in accelerated aging conditions, thanks to which we can precisely determine the expiry date of the product. As part of our services, we also provide other types of physicochemical analyzes and microbiological tests in cooperation with accredited laboratories specializing in this field.

Purchase of high-quality raw materials, components and packaging

Launching products in selected packaging on the market also includes the purchase of all necessary raw materials, components and packaging. We work only with trusted suppliers, and at the same time we carefully supervise the quality of each batch of goods delivered to us, thanks to which you can be sure that the created product will meet your requirements. When it comes to cosmetics packaging and other containers in which your product may be filled, we provide the opportunity to choose the appropriate packaging from our existing catalogue. You will find many different types of packaging in it, which will ensure the safety of the stored preparations and an attractive appearance, which is of great importance for future sales.

Professional production process and preparation of product documentation

Reliable research and close cooperation of the Research and Development Department with the Technologist at the technology development stage allows for the successful transfer of the product from the laboratory phase to the production phase. We comprehensively carry out the production process, starting from a trial batch, through implementation and production, to packaging and preparation of complete product documentation.

Professional marketing support

As part of our activities, we provide professional marketing assistance in the process of creating new products. We guarantee, among others, support from a creative agency in the design and printing of aesthetic packaging labels. OVER Group activities will help you promote your product and encourage customers to buy it.

What speaks for cooperation with us?

Small and medium-sized enterprises interested in developing an innovative product by specialists willingly use the services of OVER Group. This is due to the fact that, among others:

  • we create products both on the basis of original recipes and those provided by the client,
  • we have our own laboratory and modern machinery park, as well as the Quality Department and the Research and Development Department,
  • we cooperate with renowned research centers,
  • we undertake both one-time and cyclical projects,
  • we provide the possibility of cooperation with low volumes (a very advantageous option for companies with smaller order needs),
  • we use high-quality raw materials and subject the created product to many thorough tests,
  • we develop products for the needs of companies from various industries – we launch goods for e.g. feed supplements, cosmetic or care purposes,
  • we guarantee comprehensive assistance – we not only develop and produce preparations, but also take care of their packaging and marketing issues,
  • we offer a wide range of packaging from our own catalogue.

Are you planning to launch a breakthrough product on the market and are you looking for a company that will produce it from A to Z? We cordially invite you to contact us. Our qualified staff is at your disposal to create the perfect product.

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